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Replacement parts for wood stoves. Parts include: Replacement blowers, door gasket, firebox door glass, catalysts, insulation, and firebricks. Choose your manufacturer from the list above.

***Please contact Obadiah's for any parts you need that are not available on our website, we are able to special order many different kinds of parts that may not be shown on our online parts store.
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3/8" Door Rope Gasket Per Foot Window Channel Gasket Per Foot 3/4" Door Rope Gasket Per Foot
Appalachian 3 Prong Toggle Switch Appalachian 4 Prong Toggle Switch Fire Chief Firebrick
Fire Chief Firebrick
Our Price: $17.97
Appalachian 3 Speed Switch Square Appalachian 120 F Recessed Thermodisc 9 1/4" Buck Fan Blade
9 1/4" Buck Fan Blade
Our Price: $24.00
Fire Chief Middle Shaker Grate Retainer thermostatic sensor control 9" Morrill Fan Blade Counter Clockwise
Fire Chief Shaker Grate Handle variable speed switch Fire Chief Ash Pan
Variable Speed Switch
Our Price: $33.00
Fire Chief Ash Pan
Our Price: $44.00
Fire Chief Rear Shaker Grate Fire Chief Rear Grate Variable Speed Switch
napoleon glass gasket kit Fire Chief Front Shaker Grate blower guard for napoleon woodstoves
Napoleon Glass Gasket Kit
Our Price: $62.40
Thermostatic Sensor Control Buck Catalyst Housing for M20 napoleon woodstove door gasket kit
Avalon Arbor, Leyden Glass Buck Catalyst Housing for M80 Glass for M18, M20, M21, M24, M81, M85, M26
baffle for napoleon woodstoves Ornamental Trivet Appalachian Catalyst 25 Cell 3" Notched
Rear Mount 3 Speed Blower Motor Buck Catalyst Housing for M91 Gold Trivet
Ornamental Trivet Fire Chief Return Air Filter Box Ecofan Stovetop Fan Gold or Nickel Blades
3 pc Premium Herringbone Fire-Tek™ Firebrick for Whitfield® Advantage Plus Appalachian Catalyst 25 Cell 3" Notched Buck Motor - 1/150 HP Morrill Clockwise Rotation
Buck Motor - 1/150 HP Morrill Counter-Clockwise Rotation Fire Chief Grates Lil Chief 180 CFM Motor Only
180 CFM Motor Only
Our Price: $137.00
Outside Air Kit for Napoleon Woodstoves Gold Ornamental Trivet Buck 3 Speed Motor With Open Back Shaft
Ecofan 812 "Airmax" Fan baffles for napoleon woodstoves Cook Mate
napoleon woodstove glass with gasket baffle kit for napoleon Low Clearance Flue Connector
Buck Catalytic Combustor for M20 Napoleon 1401 Blower Appalachian Catalyst Phase I Set
Napoleon 1401 Blower
Our Price: $196.00
Appalachian Blower 180 CFM Napoleon Top Vent Kit Buck Catalytic Combustor for M80
Appalachian Blower 180 CFM
Our Price: $225.00
Napoleon Top Vent Kit
Our Price: $230.00
1800, 2200, 2400 Blower for Freestanding Models 1100, 1600 Blower for Freestanding Models Appalachian Catalyst Phase II Set
osburn hybrid 35 combustion blower Buck Catalytic Combustor for M91 Blower for Napoleon Woodstoves
Napoleon 1150 Cookstove Blower Carson Glass Fire Screen Size 1 Carson Glass Fire Screen Size 2
Carson Glass Fire Screen Size 3 Carson Glass Fire Screen Size 4 Carson Glass Fire Screen Size 5
Napoleon PVAL Power Vent Adaptor Kit Napoleon Blower System Napoleon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Power Vent Terminal for 4"&7" Venting
Napoleon Blower System
Our Price: $925.00