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breckwellLooking for replacement parts for your Breckwell pellet stove?  Look no farther.  We offer all available parts for these stoves.
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Breckwell Convection Blower 5/8" Door Rope Gasket Gasket Glass 3/16" 3/8" Black
Breckwell Original Equipment (OEM) Convection Blower for all Breckwell Pellet stoves, except the P20 and P28. 5/8" Door Rope Gasket (per foot)

Breckwell Gasket Glass 3/16" x 3/8" Black **10 feet required**

Gasket Door Rope - 5/8" Firm Black Wire Adapter Whitfield Breckwell Damper Knob
Breckwell Door Gasket - 5/8" Firm
BLACK (Price Per Foot)***
***10 feet required***
Convection & Exhaust Blower Modular Amp style, 2 wire plug in electrical connecter 25" long.
Fits Older Whitfield® Stoves with wiring terminal blocks and others.
Replaces Lennox® part # 12128010.
Breckwell Damper Knob - Black
Breckwell Thermodisc (Lo) Adapter Plate Hi Limit Heat Sensor 300 Degree Phenolic Small Combustion Blower Gasket
Replacement snap disc adapter plate for Breckwell pellet stoves. This
adapter plate is used on older Breckwell proof of fire/low limit discs
300 degree Phenolic Hi Limit Heat Sensor. Includes spacers for surface or hole mounting.

Fits the following Breckwell
® Pellet Stoves:
  • P-22
  • P-23
  • P-24
  • P-2000
  • P-2700
  • Big E
  • Classic Cast
Whitfield/Breckwell Combustion Blower Gasket
Gasket Exhaust Disconnect Breckwell Thermodisc Breckwell Thermodisc
Breckwell Gasket Exhaust Disconnect.

Breckwell part # C-G-080
OEM Breckwell part
Breckwell Thermodisc 60T21 - Hi Temp Low limit thermodisc
Breckwell Power Cord Dual Plug Female and Male Gasket Convection Blower Breckwell Damper Knob
Breckwell Power Cord Dual Plug Female and Male Breckwell Gasket for Convection Blower [A-E-033]
OEM part C-G-100
Breckwell Damper Knob - Oak with Insert

Gasket Combustion Blower Housing to Stove Breckwell/Whitfield Blower Adapter Convection Breckwell Glass Connectors
Combustion Blower Housing Gasket Breckwell/Whitfield Breckwell Blower adapter, Convection. '92 / '93 models and Older
Breckwell Glass Connectors - for 3 piece Glass Door
Breckwell Adaptor Plate Breckwell Cleaning Tool Breckwell Burnpot Collar BIG E
Breckwell Adaptor Plate
Our Price: $41.00
Breckwell adapter plate Breckwell cleaning tool - Burnpot 1996 and Newer
Burnpot Collar for Breckwell BIG E stove models.
Auger Bushing Top Brass with Threads Breckwell Cleaning Tool Heat Exchanger Stir Rod Connector for Breckwell Multi Fuel Models
Auger bushing top Breckwell cleaning tool Breckwell Stir Rod Connector for Multi-Fuel Models only
Kwik-Fire™ Premium Igniter for Breckwell Breckwell Door Handle Replacement Kit Breckwell Auger Shaft
Kwik-Fire™ Premium Igniter Replacement. 300 watts Incolony®
Fits the following:
  • All models from 1998 to present
Us Stove®:
  • 5040
Replacement for Breckwell part#: C-E-IGN and 80607
****This product has a 1 year warranty
Breckwell Door Handle Replacement Kit.
Auger Shaft for Breckwell Multi-Fuel (Pre 2012)
Stir Rod Burnpot Agitator Breckwell Air Switch Breckwell Burn Grate
Breckwell Burn Grate
Our Price: $76.00
Stir Rod - Burnpot Agitator for Breckwell Multi-Fuel models Breckwell Air switch - 80621

This burn grate is 3-9/16" wide, Stainless Steel (identical to OEM part). Fits Breckwell.

Replaces Breckwell part # AS-Insert.

The warranty for the grate is a one year warranty that covers manufacturing error like a broken weld, it does not cover a burn through of the grate.