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Replacement Parts for Fire Chief Wood & Coal Furnaces.
Fire Chief Wood Furnace models include: FC400, FC450, FC500, FC700, FC1100, and OSD2200. Replacement Fire Chief Furnace Parts are available on all models.
Replacement Parts Include: firebox grates, firebrick, replacement doors, replacement blowers, door gasket, fan motors
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Fire Chief Firebrick Fire Chief Middle Shaker Grate Retainer Fire Chief Spin Draft
Fire Chief Firebrick
Our Price: $4.50
Fire Chief Spin Draft
Our Price: $14.40

Replacement Fire Chief firebrick.

Replacement middle shaker grate retainer. Replacement spin draft for all Fire Chief furnace models.
Fire Chief Shaker Grate Handle Fire Chief Rear Shaker Grate Fire Chief Ash Pan
Fire Chief Ash Pan
Our Price: $44.00
Replacement shaker grate handle.  All models. Replacement rear shaker grate for Fire Chief 500. Replacement ash pan for all Fire Chief furnace models.
Fire Chief Front Shaker Grate Fire Chief Rear Grate Fire Chief Grates Lil Chief
Replacement Front Shaker Grate #F.  FC500, 700, 1100. Replacement Fire Chief Cast Rear Grate #G FC700, Mid FC1100. Replacement grates for Lil Chief. Furnace has two grates.  Sold individually.
Fire Chief Return Air Filter Box
Replacement return air filter box for all Fire Chief furnace models.